Nick Settles

IMG_1944Nick is a coffee addict, pizza connoisseur, Shark Week enthusiast, amateur rock climber, encouraging blogger, newlywed, and student of Jesus.

He attends Johnson University in Knoxville, TN. In between studying and hanging out with friends, he attempts to play Ultimate Frisbee. He also loves to spend weekends camping, eating, climbing, or catching up on the newest TV shows and movies (Especially Marvel).

At a young age, Nick aspires to make a difference in the world around him. He and his wife, Suz, are passionate about destroying darkness, seeing a generation rise to be who God called them to be, and equipping God’s people for God’s work. This is his outlet of using the talents God has given him in order to do just that. This is called Upward Glory because no matter who is writing or who is being written about God is worthy of all the glory. Everything on this website and in our lives will point to Jesus, his work, his grace, and his glory.


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