FLIP - Influence WHAT MAKES A LEADER? (Part 3) - A LEADER HAS INFLUENCE “The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority.” -Ken Blanchard I have mentioned on Upward Glory before that during my freshman year of college I was mentored. If you want to read more about how mentorship impacted my life go check out Imagine Your Reality. I remember during one of our meetings... Continue Reading →
FLIP - Lifetime Learner WHAT MAKES A LEADER? (Part 2) - A LEADER IS A LIFETIME LEARNER “As long as you live, you learn; as long as you learn, you live.” – Howard Hendricks Learning is a part of living. There is nothing like the moment of enlightenment when you figure out a process or an idea. Even better is when you see an enlightenment moment... Continue Reading →
FLIP - Followers with a Common Mission WHAT MAKES A LEADER? (Part 1) - A LEADER HAS FOLLOWERS UNITED WITH A COMMON GOAL “Followers are more important to leaders than leaders are to followers.” — Barbara Kellerman A leader is not a leader unless they have followers united with a common mission. I think the word follower has a loose definition in today’s social media age. If we think... Continue Reading →
FLIP Leadership Logo JPG Print WHAT MAKES A LEADER? (Intro) - I remember in 6th grade when I first got called into ministry. I went on a trip called Summer in the Son at Kentucky Christian University. When I look back on my first week-long trip away from home, I remember how much I didn’t want to go. I was the kid who threw a tantrum to get out... Continue Reading →
Mountain Challenge A CHALLENGE TO MEN - Less than 1/3 of men in church say they have a friend. 90 million men are not involved in any kind of discipleship. Only 6 million men are involved in discipleship-only 1 out of every 18 men. The typical U.S. Congregation draws an adult crowd that’s 61% female, 39% male. This gender gap shows up... Continue Reading →
Black Panther THERE’S MORE TO BLACK PANTHER - In the past week, Black Panther is now at #5 for the best opening weekend of all time bringing in $202,003,951. I have now seen this movie twice, and both times I have been blown away by the depth of characters and storyline in this movie. I do not want to spoil anything for anyone... Continue Reading →
Garbage to Glory GARBAGE TO GLORY - “What is more, I consider everything a loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things. I consider them garbage, that I may gain Christ and be found in him, not having a righteousness of my own that comes from the law, but which is... Continue Reading →
Nick and Suz 13 LESSONS FROM 4 YEARS OF DATING - If you know me, then you have heard of my girlfriend Suz. I have mentioned her in a handful of posts. Although, she has impacted more posts than you know. Everything I do is impacted by her. She has impacted me more than I even know. We met in youth group around 8th grade for... Continue Reading →
Man on ice LESS FEAR. MORE CONFIDENCE. - Have you ever gone through your normal day, your normal routine, and realize that somewhere along the way you lost your confidence? It could’ve been the demeaning talk of a boss, a coworker talking behind your back, someone forgetting what you said, or someone getting irritated at you because they are having a bad day.... Continue Reading →
Loneliness THE WEIGHT OF LONELINESS - In my high school years, I remember more times I was alone than with people. When I look back I don’t think there was anyone to blame, not even myself. I also don’t think that is the point. I don’t want to place that blame on myself or anyone. It happened and now I move... Continue Reading →